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Read what our customers have to say:

“It has made my life easier and is so convenient. Hank’s coat is so shiny and soft, even our vet has complimented us on what a great diet he must be on for his coat to be so gorgeous!!! The best thing is that he now actually gets excited for meal time.”

Mia – Botany, NSW (Dingo X Staffy)

“Sola is now eating without fuss and finishes his DoggyBag in one sitting, amazing for such a fussy poodle! He was at the Vet recently for de-sexing and has gained 200g and we are so pleased he's finally putting weight on.”

Claire – Seaforth, NSW (Mini Poodle)

“DoggyBag is honestly the most DELICIOUS food out there in the market for our beloved dogs! Our two fussy eaters at home have been cleaning out their bowls day and night for over a month already! Before we switched to DoggyBag, a bowl of dry kibble could usually last them for 3 days at least!! DoggyBag have really stimulated their appetite; now they just love meal times!!”

Annie – Greenwich, NSW (Maltese)

“Napoleon absolutely loves it, he licks the bowl clean every night! It's also a nice change to hear every morning Napoleon chasing the last piece of Duck and Turkey kibble around his bowl. It's great to know that he is enjoying his breakfast and dinner and I'm sure he looks forward to meal time! 

Natalie – Camperdown, NSW (Staffy)

“As a fur mom who works full time, DoggyBag has allowed me to provide the best for my dogs as well as give me extra quality time to spend with them. It’s the healthy food my dogs deserve and the peace of mind that they will never have to eat freezer scraps again.”

Ashley – Annandale, NSW (French Bulldog)

“It's so easy and cheap.  We never run out of dog food for Wilbur and we know he's getting the best food!  He’s such a fussy eater too so we were really surprised when he just woofed down his DoggyBag!”

Jake – Crows Nest, NSW (English Bulldog)

“ Bella loves her Fish Dinner!  She used to vomit after every meal but now she's fine and healthy. ”

Jess – Lane Cove, NSW (Pug)

“Ruby is our beautiful 11yr old Staffy who has had a very sensitive tummy since swallowing a bottle cap a few years ago.  DoggyBag has helped keep the rumbles and gurgles away and helps keep her regular! “

Greg – North Manly, NSW (Staffy)

“Bruisa is so fussy when it comes to food. I am constantly changing his diet which is not good for him as he has a sensitive stomach. Since starting DoggyBag I have not looked back ”

Leanne – Manly, NSW (Shin Tzu)