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Our Story

Hi - we’re Simon and Bianca...and we love dogs!  

We love dogs so much that we decided to take on the challenge to simplify and improve the often confusing world of dog food.  That means no more throwing kibble in a bowl, leftover scraps from the dinner table or canned dog food – if you can call that food. We have a charismatic French Bulldog named Soldier, who for the first 2 years was constantly at the Vet with an upset tummy, vomiting, itchy ears, skin irritations; you name it, he had it. We were constantly switching dog food brands in order to find the cause.  We finally decided to research and develop our own meals.  

We spent months researching and speaking to local vets, butchers and nutritionists to develop a core set of recipes that we know are complete and balanced.  We only use the highest quality of meats, vegetables and oils, and each meal contains industry approved canine supplements to make sure your dog gets the needed micronutrients that are often missed in home cooked meals.  

Fast-forward many more months and after countless hours of research, lab tests, and trialling on Soldier and his friends (yes that means checking poopies!) - DoggyBag was born and Soldier is now the healthiest and best fed dog in Sydney.       

Once we nailed the nutritional food, we then set out to tackle the other important factor of canine feeding, portion control.  Feeding your dog well is one thing, but portion control is tremendously important in maintaining their weight and well being for a long and healthy life.  We cook, pack and deliver individually portion-sized meals tailored to your dog’s weight and lifestyle, so no more guessing how much to feed your pooch.   

Our meals are for all dogs, all breeds, all shapes and sizes.  We’ve had some great success stories so far; from a fussy Staffy who now licks the bowl clean, to a British Bulldog with cracked paws and bad skin who’s coat is now shinier than ever.   We’re even helping dogs loose weight and creating customised meal plans for the fussiest and more problematic pooches.  

We believe that every member of the family deserves to eat well and we are proud of the meals we have developed and the convenience that DoggyBag offers, and we hope you will be too ☺    

Simon, Bianca & Soldier